Other conspicuous international design prizes:


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Best Website PrizeAnnual PrizeProduct PrizeJunction Prize
Summit PrizeSummit Calendar PrizePackaging PrizeWebdesign Prize
Building PrizeGood Product PrizeIdea PrizeSuperior Prize
Food PrizeFood Products PrizeGray Services PrizeTechnical Drawing Prize
Textiles PrizeYellow PrizePackage PrizeStrategy Prize
Houseware PrizeAdvanced PrizeConference PrizeBest Aircraft Prize
Greatest Products PrizeAwards' PrizeSelected Works PrizeCar Prize
Art Goods PrizeTableware PrizeConference Centers PrizeBlack Goods Prize
Interaction Design PrizeArtificial Intelligence Applications PrizeArchitectural PrizeBrochure Prize
Accolade PrizeIndustrial PrizeInternational PrizeMarketing Prize
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